“God now calls you to a special ministry of servanthood, directly under the authority of your bishop.” ─Ordination of a Deacon (BAS, p.655).

Deacons in the Diocese of Ontario are licensed to the bishop who in discussion with the deacon will deploy him/her to a parish or diocesan ministry.

The advisor for deacons along with the bishop is responsible for oversight and support of all the deacons.

In addition to appointing an advisor for deacons, the bishop has often also appointed an education advisor for deacons who assists those in the formation process in preparation for ordination with their educational requirements.

Advisor for Deacons

Archdeacon Wayne Varley is the archdeacon of ministry and program. Wayne was ordained to the diaconate in 1987 and to the priesthood the following year with all of his ministry served in the Diocese of Ontario. One of his responsibilities is to support the bishop in his care and support of clergy and in particular, those in discernment for possible ordination to the diaconate and the members of the Colllege of Deacons.

Education Advisor for Deacons

The Rev. Dr. Bill Morrow is professor emeritus of Hebrew Scriptures at the School of Religion, Queen’s University. He is an honourary assistant at St. James Anglican Church, Kingston and also serves as the parish's biblical scholar-in-residence. A non-stipendiary Anglican priest, his role is to provide academic advice as candidates pursue training for the diaconate.