Lay readers have been involved in this diocese for the past century. The first documented reference to their existence came in the Synod Journal for 1901, and over the past 60 years the numbers of individual lay readers in our diocese has grown from 12 to over 200. Many diocesan clergy have acted as warden or deputy warden for the lay readers and not a few have gone on to ordination as deacons and priests. Individuals have also contributed greatly to their own parishes worship and general well being.

Lay readers are persons who have made a specific commitment to their bishop, parish priest and churchwardens to use their existing and developed gifts in ministry to the glory of God and for the benefit of the church (people), particularly in the conduct of public worship, giving instruction in the Christian faith, evangelizing, providing pastoral care within their community and other such duties as requested of them. Authority is given by the bishop in the form of a bishop’s license after a probationary period of training.