The Diocesan Reconciliation Ministries Team is considering ways to engage this important ministry more broadly across our diocese: how we can extend this ministry from the steps to the streets.

As a first step we want to involve more parishes and congregations in the work we are doing. The growing commitment of the diocese in this ministry has its roots in the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation. We believe the Litany is a meaningful starting point for those exploring reconciliation as part of our Christian witness and ministry.

Litany of Reconciliation and Lent

As a part of your Lenten experience, the Reconciliation Ministries Team is inviting you to pray the Litany in your parishes as part of your Lenten journey. The story and history of the Litany fits our Lenten practice as we focus on the reconciling love of Jesus in worship, prayer and study.

We invite you to use the Litany where it best fits your Lenten experience. For some it may be using it, as some parishes have been doing, on a weekly basis on a specific day and time. You may find ways to include it in your liturgies as part of the intercessions or prayers of confession. Whatever model you follow, we encourage you to use it regularly during the Lenten Season and share with us your experience of praying the Litany in your congregations.