Active deacons

The Reverend Lisa Chisholm-Smith serves as campus minister, and children and youth ministry coordinator at St James, Kingston which is located on the Queen’s University campus. She is also trained as a non-security escort through Corrections Canada and works with the inmates who do community service at St. James. Deacon Lisa currently serves as vice-president of the board of directors of the Association of Anglican Deacons in Canada (AADC). She has a passion for lifelong Christian formation and is interested in helping Christians integrate their faith and their daily work whether paid or unpaid.

The Reverend Sharon Dunlop serves the Parish of St. James, Kingston, with special focus on Corrections, Restorative Justice and Victims Services. Sharon currently serves as chaplain at Bath and Collins Bay Institutions. She is a member of the Justice and Peace Commission and a volunteer with Innocence Canada. Sharon is working with a group of Anglican clergy, assisting the Centre for Christian Studies in Winnipeg, MB in developing educational programs on social justice issues for the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Reverend Fran Langlois is honourary assistant to the three Anglican parishes in Prince Edward County. Fran serves the Parish of St. Mary Magdalene, Picton when not officiating at St. John’s, Waupoos, and St. Philip’s, Milford one Sunday each month. Fran also conducts two services a month at the John M. Parrott Centre, Napanee. Fran is deacon-in-charge of the Anglican Ministry to Seniors in Prince Edward County, which provides regular worship, visitation and pastoral care to residents in four nursing homes and six retirement homes. Fran is also a member of the diocesan Training and Development Committee.

The Reverend John Morrison serves the Parish of St. John’s, Bath. He is responsible for the Outreach Pastoral Team. John has a special focus with providing services and pastoral care to seniors at the Brairgate Retirement residence as their chaplain. He is also chaplain at zone and branch levels of the Royal Canadian Legion. John is a strong advocate for veteran’s benefits. He conducts bereavement support groups locally and in concert with Napanee Hospice.

The Reverend Peter Schaub served for eleven years at St. Peter’s, Kingston, and is presently serving at St. James, Kingston. Peter maintains the website, FB and Twitter page for St. James, and publishes a weekly newsletter. With these, Peter mirrors back to the congregation their great ministries as well as calling them to remember the plight of refugees, justice for the Aboriginals, the work of PWRDF and the work of fellow deacon Sharon Dunlop’s justice for those who are incarcerated.

Retired deacons

The Reverend Kate Ann Follwell serves as honourary assistant at St. Thomas’ Belleville. Kate Ann has been involved in: Leadership training with the counsellors at Camp Hyanto; designing and implementing a course for parents and teens called ‘Why do they do what they do?’; Belly to Belly weight loss programs for the diocese; ‘Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks’ Men's cooking school; human trafficking education; ‘Reading the Bible in a year’ Bible book club, and pastoral care and services in seniors residences and full-time care facilities.

The Reverend Don Goodwin serves as honourary assistant at St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston.

In Memoriam

The Reverend Tom Dukes.
The Reverend Roger Hammond.
The Reverend Jack Beer.
The Reverend Winnie Forte.

Advisors to the College of Deacons

Archdeacon Wayne Varley is the archdeacon of ministry and program. Wayne was ordained to the diaconate in 1987 and to the priesthood the following year with all of his ministry served in the Diocese of Ontario. One of his responsibilities is to support the bishop in his care and support of clergy. As advisor to the College of Deacons, Wayne works with individuals discerning a call to diaconal ministry and offers administrative and pastoral support following their ordination.

The Rev. Dr. Bill Morrow is professor of hebrew and hebrew scriptures in the School of Religion, Queen’s University. A non-stipendiary Anglican priest, his role is to provide academic advice as candidates pursue training for the diaconate.