With the start of each year, we will all gather at our respective annual meetings to review our finances, elect our officers, and plan our events for the coming year. Will we do it the same way we always have, or will we take a different approach? While we can’t speak for everyone, we believe that change is in the air.

In the last couple of years, more and more of us are using this gathering as an opportunity to re-commit ourselves to our communities; embracing the Diocesan Vision and Strategy and investing in Mission and Ministry via our Diocesan Covenants with remarkable results. With this in mind, we hope that when your parish meets this year, you will take time to discuss how your congregation can begin to live out our Diocesan Strategy; what Ministry will you invest in; what are the needs in your community; and how will you go about meeting them?

Remember, you can’t do it alone. You will need to build partnerships with other churches and community organizations. And you may need to recruit new volunteers. We have added some information about volunteers and volunteering to the Stewardship and Congregational Development section of the Diocesan Website that we hope will help you in meeting your requirements. And if you have any questions with regard to Stewardship and Congregational Development please contact either Doug Cowley, communications lead, at scdcdoug@gmail.com or the Rev. Trish Miller, committee chair, at rev.trish.miller@gmail.com.