2022 Stewardship resources from the Episcopal Network for Stewardship

More Than Enough is the 2022 theme for year-round stewardship education and development resources offered to Anglican and Episcopal parishes from TENS...the Episcopal Network for Stewardship. Our diocesan stewardship & congregational development committee is pleased to offer parish membership in this excellent resource centre for every congregation. A helpful array of downloadable print resources is instantly available at no cost, together with information about webinars and consultations, as well as additional material available through Forward Movement publications at modest prices.

TENS was founded in the late 1990s by General Synod in partnership with the Episcopal Church, our own diocese and several others in Canada and the States resulting from a series of successful international stewardship conferences. It is an association of church leaders who understand, practise, and proclaim God’s call to generosity. TENS’ vision is to provide training and resources for stewardship leaders across both national churches and beyond.

For more information and specifically how to access the resource library with our diocesan code, please contact committee member, Archdeacon John M. Robertson, mobile phone 613.329.7540 or email, jrobertson@ontario.anglican.ca. Also, check the TENS website, www.tens.org.

Additional information about the work of our diocesan committee, please contact The Rev. Trish Miller, chair, rev.trish.miller@gmail.com, mobile phone (1) 613.640.0728 and/or The Ven. Wayne Varley, Archdeacon of Ministry & Programme, staff support to our committee, wvarley@ontario.anglican.ca, telephone 613.544.4774 ext. 138.

Anglican Diocese of Toronto: Stewardship resources.

Anglican Diocese of Ottawa: Stewardship resources.

Episcopal Church Foundation: Best Practices Mission and Concern for Congregational Growth.

For Anglicans concerned about how to develop and grow their congregations, the Rev. Christopher Page has a simple suggestion on where to begin [see downloads below].