The Diocese of Ontario strives to make the Anglican Church in our diocese a healthy and safe place for all to worship, work and serve our Lord. Faith flourishes when all people know that church leaders, ordained and lay, can be trusted.

This Screening in Faith policy is the means by which the Diocese of Ontario responds to our call to offer our best to those we serve. It is necessary, therefore, that we discern gifts and determine a person’s suitability to a ministry position. We must ensure that the people we place in positions of power and trust are carefully selected, then trained and supported in their ministry, so that their ministry may be life-giving.

All adults engaged in ministry to vulnerable persons in our diocese are expected to attend Screening in Faith training. There is no fee to attend. Parish leadership should specify who is required to attend Screening in Faith training from each parish.

Screening in Faith training is designed for both ordained and lay members of our diocese. Topics include:

  • Prevention.
  • identification and response to elder abuse.
  • Prevention, identification and response to sexual abuse of children and youth.
  • Power and boundaries in the ministerial relationship with adults.
  • Sexual misconduct.

This important ministry enables parishes to do all that they can to make their communities safe for children, other vulnerable people and, for that matter, every member of the parish.

If your parish is interested in learning more about Screening in Faith and how this training can assist you in making your parish a safe place for all to worship, please contact the Archdeacon of Ministry and Program at (613) 777-0530 or by email at