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To celebrate our upcoming diocesan 160th anniversary, the diocese is launching a museum-style curated exhibit here at the Synod Office, entitled The Boy Bishop.

This exhibit features the life of Bishop John Travers Lewis, the first bishop of the Diocese of Ontario. Lewis' bishop’s mitre, that will be part of the collection, was worn by John Travers Lewis during ceremonies and services throughout his episcopate from 1862 until 1893, when he was pronounced Metropolitan and eventual Archbishop of Ontario. This rare and poignant artefact, along with many other incredible vestiges of the past, will be presented in the exhibit The Boy Bishop.

They provide us insight into Lewis not only as a Bishop and religious figurehead, but as a son, a father, a husband, and a scholar.

Drop by the Diocese of Ontario Synod Office at 165 Ontario Street in Kingston to view the exhibit and learn about the life of our first bishop, John Travers Lewis.