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Through an ongoing contact with an NGO in Uganda called Joint Efforts for Green Mountain Initiative, Alison Bentley from St. Andrew’s in the Parish of Central Frontenac has been asked to bring medical equipment and supplies when she and her husband visit there in early June. Joint Efforts for Green Mountain Initiative is a grass roots NGO that raises money for a variety of community projects. Its work became even more crucial once the pandemic hit and the ecotourism which sustained the people of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park area completely dried up. Some years ago, using money from the National Park Gorilla Fund, the Bwashwa Community constructed a clinic. They do not, however, have any equipment or supplies which is why the NGO reached out to Alison, as someone who has been supporting their other projects.

Although the outpatient clinic will supply much needed medical services in an area completely unserved by even the most basic care, the main emphasis is on prenatal and postnatal support. The infant and mother mortality rate in the district is staggering. Another scary statistic is that 75% of women between 12 and 19 have given birth. This latter owing to lack of education, no access to contraception and the vulnerability of young girls to abuse.

Having great faith that as a church will be able to help the folk of the Bwashwa Community Health Centre, Alison has already made arrangements to meet with a representative of the NGO on arrival in Entebbe to hand over equipment and supplies. She and her husband will also be visiting the clinic site when they arrive in Bwindi a month later.     

How can you help? Send a donation to St. Andrew’s via direct email deposit: being sure to mark “Uganda medical supplies” in the message field. If writing a cheque, please make it payable to St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, write “Uganda medical supplies” in the memo field and mail to: St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Parish of Central Frontenac, Box 26, 1028 Elizabeth Street, Sharbot Lake, ON, K0H 2P0.

If you have a contact in the medical equipment and supply field, Alison has a list of the items requested, prepared by a doctor working with the NGO. Please let her know ASAP at if you might be able to source equipment at a good price. Time is of the essence. Thank you for your help and support.