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Bishop Michael Oulton began Synod Council at 6 pm. The Rev. Trish Miller offered reflections on C. S. Lewis his life, remembering him from the Church’s Calendar. She closed with the /collect for C. S. Lewis.

The Bishop welcomed everyone and introduced his guest, the Rev Rogerio de Assiz, from Brazil who was observing Synod Council tonight.

The Bishop offered six names for the Nominating Committee as required by Canons: The Ven. Bill Clarke, The Ven. Nancy MacLoud, The Rev Nancy Beale, and Anne Patterson, Sylvia King, and Joan Donaldson. They all accepted. Council approved the names.  

The Bishop thanked the lay readers of the diocese, and Joan Donaldson, their chair, as he attended their annual meeting.  

The minutes of the Synod Council meeting of 25 October were approved.

The Ven Wayne Varley presented the report of the Reach and Stretch Grant Committee, for Robin Jones, chair of Reach and Stretch. This year there have been four grants for a total of $16,500. The latest grants as of 18 November were $5,000 to St. Paul’s, Cardinal, for a holiday food and gift for families grant, that hopes to be ongoing, and up to $5,000 for a grant to St. James, Kingston for a reading program on Indigenous issues. For 2023, Archdeacon Wayne Varley proposed that $30,000 be added to the 2023 Budget for 6 Reach grants, and $20,000 be added for one Stretch grant. Council approved.

Bishop Oulton mentioned the letter from the diocesan office that was sent concerning the wearing of masks and the increasing issues of COVID-19, RSV, and influenza.

Property issues:

1. St Mark’s, Barriefield - The Rev Sandra Hounsell-Drover spoke about the deteriorating condition and structural issues of the church tower. Rough estimates for repair are in the neighbourhood of $300,000 (to date).  

2. St Paul’s, Sydenham - Kate Kristianson from St. Paul’s requested on behalf of the parish a capital loan of $25,388, for a boiler upgrade, and a new septic tank system, The terms would be repayment in ten years at $700 per month. Council approved.  

DFO Alex Pierson mentioned a few other property and other updates.

Archdeacon Wayne Varley spoke about the reconfiguration of the Ministry and Program Office, since he is now half-time. Archdeacon Varley will be in charge of parishes in Gananoque and Rockport half-time, with the other half available but not attending meetings of the Green Group, DOORs, PWRDF; Archdeacon David Selzer will be working with the Safe Church program and education (at the beginning of 2023).   

The Rev. Trish Miller reported for Stewardship and Congregational Development. The Committee recently met with Bishop Oulton, and are working on transparency and work with Archdeacon David Selzer, as well as ongoing Stewardship.

The Rev. Trish Miller and Archdeacon Varley reported on the Worship Committee. They are working to have resources for Advent and Christmas on the website. There was discussion about decorations for Synod 2023 at St George’s Cathedral.  

There will be a workshop at St James, Kingston, in January 2024 on the new hymnal.

DFO Alex Pierson reported on Synod finances for October and the first part of November 2022. He then presented the 2023 Budget, which had an initial deficit of $151,000, to be covered by remaining funds from COVID-19, excess budget items, and a savings from stipend and benefit reductions in diocesan staff, leaving a balance of $11,000 deficit, a minimal amount considering the size of the budget. A motion to approve the 2023 Budget was approved by Council.

The next Synod Council meeting will be online, scheduled for January 24, beginning at 6:00 p.m.