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A hybrid online/in-person meeting of the Synod Council of the Diocese of Ontario was held on Tuesday October 4, 2022, at St. Mark’s Barriefield. Highlights of the meeting include:

Archdeacon Bill Clarke opened the meeting with reflections on the Feast of St Francis, and with prayer.

The bishop updated Council on several appointments over the summer, as well as other occurrences in the diocese.

The minutes were corrected to update the dates of discovery around the financial issues for St George’s, Trenton.

The bishop indicated the pandemic status of the diocese was in a variety of positions, from masking at all services to no masks, all in accordance with the green colour guidelines.  

CFO Alex Pierson reported on property issues in the Diocese of Ontario:

  • The issue of a columbarium at St James, Kemptville, will be considered at the October Synod Council meeting.  
  • St James, Kemptville reported on a Special Vestry meeting to establish a building fund, for refurbishing the building, which received approval.
  • Council approved a $40,000 loan for St. Stephen’s in Bedford Mills, to repair the roof, in the absence of Wardens for the church.
  • St Andrews, Wellington, reported that their roof was repaired this summer.
  • St George’s Cathedral reported that loose stones in the tower were repaired his summer.
  • The incumbent and wardens of St George’s, Trenton, have reached agreement with the diocese on a settlement around finances in their financial situation.

Bishop Michael Oulton outlined plans for Synod 2023, which will be held from Friday May 26 through Sunday May 28. Synod will be held on the campus of Queen’s University on Friday and Saturday, and at St George’s Cathedral for the Sunday service, the Feast of Pentecost. Business will be discussed on Friday, a visioning process led by Bishop Susan Bell (Bishop of Niagara) on Saturday, and on Sunday a service of celebration for the 160th Anniversary of the Diocese of Ontario will be held, with Archbishop Anne Germond (Metropolitan) preaching.

Archdeacon Wayne Varley offered updates on the Ministry and Program of the Diocese, including the Green Group and their support for an Anglican tree-planting campaign begun at Lambeth 2022.

The Rev. Trish Miller spoke about the results of the Clergy Wellness Survey that initially was shared with the bishop and will be further discussed.

The Rev. Lynn Mitchell spoke about the Worship Committee and their plans to provide worship resources for various occasions (to be put online) and preparation for liturgy for Synod 2023.

Diocesan Financial Officer Alex Pierson presented a financial update of the diocesan budget, and plans for the 2023 Budget, which is now in process. There was a summer meeting to prepare for the 2023 Budget, and that data as well as cost of living factors (including inflation) is being identified for the 2023 Budget. An online consultation meeting will be hosted on October 19 for budget preparation—to be presented to Synod Council in their November meeting.  

Synod Council looked at future meetings and people to lead devotions. The October 25 meeting will be online only, with meetings beyond that to be determined.

Synod Council adjourned with the saying of the Grace.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of Synod Council will be Tuesday October 25, 2022 at 6pm.

The approval of the minutes of the October 4 meeting are pending. For questions about Synod Council, please contact Diocesan Executive Officer Pro-Tem the Ven. David Selzer by email at or by phone at 613-544-4700.