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The Synod Council of the Diocese of Ontario held its regularly scheduled September Meeting (the seventh meeting of the year) on Tuesday, September 28 at 6pm. The meeting was held online.

The Venerable Bill Clarke opened the meeting with devotions.

Council was updated on the status of the diocesen journey through the COVID-19 Pandemic. We continue to monitor the national, provincial and diocesan status of the COVID-19 pandemic, adjusting and adapting our protocols as we move forward.

Council heard an update from Taylor Lynch (program engagement co-ordinator) and Bob Burkholder (steering committee member) on the work of the 3 Adelaide Steering Committee. The group presented a summary of the work on mission, vision and values, along with next steps in developing the financial, operational, governance and resourcing requirements and plans. The Steering Committee has branded the facility and program as “3 Adelaide.” This is also known within the diocese as the Good Shepherd Legacy Project.

Rev Noel Henry (incumbent)  made a presentation on the ministry and work of St John’s, Bath. This provided Council with an excellent summary and insight into the church, it’s people and their ministry. St John’s will be returning to Council in October to address the outstanding financial debt owed from a number of years ago.

The Synod Planning Steering Committee update was provided by Canon Michael Read. As required by the Constitution, Council approved the agenda for the meetings of Synod, October 28-30. Canon Michael also gave a summary of the latest plans for the program, worship and logistics for Synod.

Council was presented the current financial status and outlook for 2021 (Actual results from Jan. to Aug. plus forecasts for Sept. to Dec.) and the proposed 2022 Budget. As this is a Synod year, the 2022 Budget will come to Synod in October for final approval. Council passed a motion which approved the budget for presentation at Synod, as well as concurring on the financing approach to deal with the proposed deficit.

Following continued work with the Bereavement Authority of Ontario and the Municipality of Greater Napanee, Synod Council authorized the transfer of two historic, non-active cemeteries to the municipality.

Under the Canons, any building project undertaken by a church which requires a building permit must come to Synod Council for approval. St Paul’s Westport received approval for a project to address accessibility and safety to their building.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of Synod Council will be Tuesday October 26, again online. This will be the final meeting of this Synod Council. A number of members will be continuing for a second term and others will be elected at the Pre-Synod Meeting (by Deanery). The new council (12 elected members, 6 appointed members and the ex-officio members) will be installed and take office at Synod.