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Synod 2021 saw the launch of the new diocesan ‘Reach and Stretch Grants’! Intended to inspire parishes to ‘Warm Up for Ministry,’ the Reach and Stretch Grants are made available from the New Ministry Fund and are open to any diocesan group or parish for the purpose of funding new and innovative ministries that focus on these key areas: reconciliation, lay leadership, evangelism, social action and justice and creation of a culture of gratitude. Reach Grants are available for up to $5000 and are for getting your new ministry off to a running start, while Stretch Grants, available up to $20,000, are for supporting that new ministry as it ‘stretches to its next level of success.’

The Reach Grants will have three intakes in 2022: February, June and October. The Stretch Grant will see its first intake in October 2022. To get parishes ‘warmed up’ following Synod 2021, there will be a special Reach Grant intake for December 2021 before the New Year. View the video from Synod 2021 about the Reach and Stretch Grants, more details to follow.