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Since 2022 the Reach and Stretch Grant Panel under the leadership of Robin Jones of the Parish of Lakes and Locks have approved 15 reach and stretch grant applications in support of new ministries under the key areas of Creation of a Culture of Gratitude, Evangelism, Lay Leadership, Reconciliation, and Social Action and Justice.

In May 2024 a total of four grant applications were approved totalling $26,500 drawn from the New Ministry Fund. We celebrate the four successful applications including:

  • Christ Church, Cataraqui with a stretch grant of $8,000 in support of the continuing Sunday afternoon program for families.
  • The Parish of Leeds Rear with a stretch grant of $8,500 with a stretch grant in support of their continuing work at increasing awareness of Truth and Reconciliation by providing a variety of learning opportunities within and beyond the parish.
  • St. Lawrence, Brockville with a stretch grant of $,5000 to continue a senior’s program originally run by the local health unit and taken on by the parish to address various health matters.
  • The Parish of Tyendinaga with a reach grant of $5,000 to initiate a new program fostering connections and support between the parish and wider community as tangible expressions of their commitment to the work of reconciliation with people of various ages.

Thus far, most of the successful reach and stretch grant applications address issues connected with food security, social action and justice and creating a culture of gratitude.

We look ahead and want to inform that there will be one more grant application intake in 2024 with a deadline of October 1. There is a remaining budget allocation of $23,500 to support a few more new and innovative ministries with reach grants up to $5,000.

Reach grants are intended to support new ministries and stretch grants are intended to bridge a program into the future that it may be lasting for years to come, and we are grateful for the faithful work of our parishes and other groups.
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