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Three exciting pieces of news - and thank you to all the PWRDF friends, supporters and parish reps that attended our last monthly meeting to chat about summer plans. I am inspired and excited by hearing about your incredible fundraising plans this summer!

PWRDF fights world hunger

Please consider supporting PWRDF's government 1:1 matching fund to address hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa by July 17. There are numerous reasons for increased worldwide hunger such as conflict and in particular the war in Ukraine, climate change and COVID-19. PWRDF has partnered with the Humanitarian Coalition's Appeal to End Hunger and the Government of Canada has responded with up to $5 million in 1:1 matching funds. We don't have much time to collect for this fund, so if you can share widely that would be so appreciated. PWRDF joins fight to end hunger, with help from government match - The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund.

PWRDF's Wild Ride!

This year PWRDF has changed their program to support refugees and internally displaced persons. Previously it was called the 'Ride for Refuge' and this year, we are working with the Canada Helps platform to provide you with more options for activities. You can walk, run, ride, swim... but you can also read, bake, knit, quilt, rummage sale or a mixture of all toward your goals. You can sign up as an individual, a team (such as your parish, or work team), or the diocese. Please reach out if you have any questions on this important program. It is open now and you can collect funds up until October 8! (New campaign supports refugees and IDPs - The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund ( You can register here: 

Plants sales and charity gardens

Congratulations once again to Don and Mary Raddon who hosted another successful plant sale again this year. Their efforts have raised $1,380 which was split between St. Albans and PWRDF Ukrainian relief. Well done!!

I am also pleased to let you know that the charity garden that I started three years ago will also host another plant sale again this year, starting this weekend. The sale will be 'pay what you can', and you will have a wide variety of vegetables, annuals, houseplants and succulents and each donation will get a free bag of 10 packages of seeds, a mix of flowers and vegetables. Please see my Facebook page for photos of what is available. Sales for this year's fundraiser will be split between the 'Wild Ride' and costs for running the garden which is mainly water for the wells. All produce that is grown in this garden is donated to Lionheart's and is distributed through there to the emergency food providers such as Lunch by George, Martha's Table and St. Vincent de Paul.