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Coffee, Toffee, Torte Cake I know, it sounds too delicious for words doesn’t it? This famous recipe was on the menu at Windmill Restaurant in Kingston for many years.  Every time they tried to change their menu and remove the dessert, customers complained and it had to go back on again. We are grateful to Br. Peter Cory’s wife, Carolyn Rundle, who was the Master Pastry Chef at Windmills for many years for giving us this recipe for our PWRDF fundraising cookbook. We are still accepting recipes at

Reserve the date for our next monthly meeting on Tuesday April 26 at 7:00PM.  You don’t need to be a parish representative, or know anything about PWRDF – we are here to welcome you and learn together.  We are focused on sharpening our fundraising skills which will not only help you in your PWRDF efforts, but it will also benefit your parishes.  

Parish visits As mentioned last week, it is always a pleasure to engage in parish visits. Please feel free to write in with your request for PWRDF visits to and if you could copy my personal email at that will ensure a more timely response.

Sing For Ukraine – changed deadline: Mark Hauser and I are so excited about the PWRDF fundraising opportunity ‘Sing for Ukraine’ in the Diocese of Ontario. As mentioned in last week’s eNews, we are inviting parishes to record your favorite hymn and send it in to the Diocese of Ontario by May 16 (send to We will post the compilation video on May 23rd. The video will be posted along with a dedicated fundraising portal and link for the Diocese of Ontario on PWRDF’s site. Help us support Ukraine by spreading some inspiration, light, and love through this collaborative effort.