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If you are like me, you have been wowed by the sights, and nostalgic smell of the autumn leaves this year.  Judging by the numerous photos that we see being shared on social media, many of us have been inspired and moved by God’s colourful palette on full glorious display. This seems like a more beautiful autumn somehow and Michael and I simply can’t get out for enough walks to enjoying every moment while it lasts. I hope you are managing to take the time to refresh and rejuvenate from being out in nature.

A few quick updates from PWRDF – I’m sure it might have slipped your mind, but Christmas is coming!  Please consider ordering PWRDF Christmas cards, there are two beautiful designs to choose from this year: Christmas Cards 2021 - The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund ( Orders that are placed by Dec. 1 will be received before Christmas.  

Christmas is a wonderful time to help spread the love of God to more far-reaching parts of the globe, while satisfying that ‘difficult-to-buy-for’ person on your Christmas list. PWRDF’s World of Gifts offers many options, such as our classic and ever popular goat, chicken or donkey program.  Following on COP26, I expect there will be considerable interest in our environmental journalism program to preserve the water sources through the moorlands, in the Andean mountains of Colombia.  This project will provide training to 10 radio journalists who will each train at least five others to do the same work.  

We also have projects that focus on conservation agriculture, empowering women, clean water, food security, emergency response, refugees, health, gender empowerment, and youth engagement.  There has been considerable interest in our new Indigenous grant.  The children on your Christmas list don’t always need a new shiny toy. Providing opportunities for children to learn about philanthropy and mission in action at an early age is a gift for future generations.  PWRDF’s World of Gifts literally has something for everyone.  

We are holding on to our cookbook fundraiser until we have more recipes from more contributors.  The success of these projects depends on as many different participants as possible.  So please spread the word – more recipes will generate more sales.  

As we move into in-person meetings, we have decided to move our online meetings to every other month.  The alternate months will be used for two working groups; 1.) a ‘Reluctant Fundraiser’ workshop, and 2.) the Bishop’s Dinner Planning Committee.  Please be in touch with me if you are interested in joining either of the workshop groups or our regular PWRDF meeting at: and copy The workshop meetings will start on the third Tuesday in the month in January at 7PM, and the regular PWRDF meeting will start again on the third Tuesday in February at 7PM.  Please join us.