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Extended and continued thanks to all of those who have come by the Odessa garden (4730 Princess Street, just east of County Road #6) to purchase vegetable plants in support of our PWRDF Solar Suitcase fundraiser! REMINDER: We still have lots of plants left and the sale will continue until this Saturday at 4:00PM. If you would like donate online the link is here.

There is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Solar Suitcase project by participating in an information session on June 22nd, at 1PM. Registration: We will hear from Kim Gordon from We Care Solar, and Richard Librock from PWRDF.

Please consider signing up for Praying with PWRDF every other week if you have not done so already. The link to register is: Our next session will be on June 24 when we will hear reflections from Bishop Todd Townsend from the Diocese of Huron.

Of course I cannot neglect to mention our cookbook fundraiser! The recipes continue to come in but we will need many more! Once it is printed, be sure to check out the Green Group’s section and learn how to make ‘Banana Peel Bacon’! (Many thanks to Lisa Stacey for that treasure!) Our next highlight will be on the family collection that we are going to be receiving! Stay tuned!!  

As I continue to meet many of you online, and over the phone, I am so impressed with the ministry work that is taking place in every corner of this diocese. Your outpouring of support for the PWRDF, and the stories that you have shared with me continue to touch and guide me in the work that lies ahead. From the bottom of my heart, I extend my thanks you.