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Archbishop Mark MacDonald
National Indigenous Bishop

On finding 751 and an invitation to join us for
ceremony and prayer
June 25, 26, 27, 28

Dear Relatives,

Though we have always known that more and more remains would be found, it does little to sooth the now re-opened wounds. We must once more hold on to one another, once more surround the departed with our very best prayers, and once more hope, pray, and work to hasten among us the presence of the World to Come. With these words, I send and invite you to four days of ceremony and prayer for the ones who have recently been discovered.

Many of you are having a hard time. This news has come at a time that was already so very difficult; come to our communities that, even before a pandemic, faced so many challenges. I have visited a number of communities recently, despite the pandemic, and I have seen the tired sadness on the faces of the elders. I have also seen their determination and the way that they inspire the young. They are not giving up. I have heard from so many clergy who serve with courage bearing the pain of their people, as well as the insults of others, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. This is a time when we must, we must, in the power of the Spirit and the overwhelming love of Jesus, hold on to one another.

There is no defence for those who come in sheep’s clothing, yet act as ravenous wolves. The voices of the children have risen from the grave, through the prophetic power of resurrection and, standing with their redeeming saviour, point us all towards the justice of the World to Come, the justice which is embodied in the good life, the good walk. They are the witnesses, the discernible residue, of a genocide that many have denied but now must be admitted. We must serve them with prayer, with love for one another, with forever honouring their memory, with never giving up, and with caring for and honouring the elders who have waited for their return. There will be trials for having Indigenous identity and trials for having Christian identity. Our elders have known this well. This is a very difficult hour, but it is an hour of Cross and Resurrection.



You are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting. 12 Noon Eastern; 1:30pm Newfoundland; 1pm Maritimes; 11am Central; 10am Mountain and Saskatchewan; 9am Pacific and Yukon.

Topic: Gospel Based Discipleship
Time: June 25, 26, 27 (8pm EST), 28, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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