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The Ven. Bill Clarke, president, Anglican Diocese of Ontario Foundation, reports that the directors approved a grant application for $5,720 for the Morningstar Relief Mission, Inc. of Napanee. The funds will help enable the group to re-introduce their long-established community meals that bring marginalized people together to break bread, find connection, and have immediate access to other supports. Over the past two years during the pandemic, the in-person experience has largely been lost, replaced with special COVID relief funding which allowed volunteers and staff to provide 1,000+ meals a week by pick-up or take-out, but without the personal contact points so essential to the core programme of the group. With the Foundation’s grant and other contributions, the Mission will be able to return to a new normal....connection – a place to gather, break bread together, and find supports.

The group serves those for whom community, family, and nutrition have suffered over the past two years. A return to community and connection, while also being fed, will have a very significant impact on their well-being, nutrition, and overall sense of belonging and support.

The Foundation’s grant supplements recent partnership funding through the Anglican Foundation of Canada’s 2021 Say Yes! to Kids initiative for the Greater Napanee Lennox & Addington High School Hot Meal Programme. For more information, contact Kevin Alkenbrack, executive director, email or 613-305-1314.