The following downloads are PDF copies of articles written by members of the Diocese of Ontario Green Group for the Dialogue, the quarterly newspaper of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario. 

Water, who cares about water?

We invite everyone to care about water, to learn more about water issues, get involved at the community level, donate to a charity that is focusing its efforts on water related issues. Pray for water, give thanks for water and turn that prayer into action by doing what you can to conserve water and to protect water in your neighbourhood and around the world...[more].

Restoring Ecological Function

On 25 April 2019, The Diocesan Green Group was honored to host Chris Wooding, local organic farmer and educator, to St. George’s Cathedral’s Great Hall in Kingston ON. The event,introduced by Paul Carl from the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program at Queen’s University(ATEP), and was very well attended. Chris’s informative presentation about how to ‘Restore Ecological Function,’ was accompanied by beautiful images of their farm, Ironwood Organics. He makes every effort to honor and nurture the soil, plants and all living organisms, in such a way as to permit their natural behavior and growth to flourish...[more].

Planet or Plastic

PLANET OR PLASTIC?”a recent article in National Geographic looks at our ubiquitous use of plastic. While this miracle material keeps hearts beating and planes in the air, 18 billion pounds of it ends up in the ocean each year. Animals are eating it, they are getting trapped in plastic and it is killing them. 114 species have been found to have microplastics in them. Although we may not yet know the full effect on our health, plastics have found their way into our food supply...[more].

Finding the hope

At St. Philip’s Anglican Church in Milford we are studying Laudato Si, Pope Francis’ encyclical letter on care for our common home. Before its much anticipated release last summer people were wondering if the Pope would take a strong stand. He does not disappoint. He tells it like it is, people are being treated badly, animals are being treated badly as are the land, the air and the water and sadly this is a result of our self-centred, egotistical, consumeristic society...[more].