Our Diocesan Executive meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month except in July and August. We have a Diocesan President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Members at Large as well as Regional Presidents and Vice Presidents from our 3 regions – Frontenac, Hastings/Quinte and Leeds & Grenville. It is governed by “the bylaws” and a constitution which were last amended in 2018.

The Diocesan Executive hold an annual meeting Each April or May; in September, a retreat is held and in October, regional meetings are held in our 3 regions. These events are open to all ladies in our diocese.

ACW Diocesan Executive

Maureen Sills, bsills@xplornet.com.
Elizabeth Matthews, matthel@sympatico.ca.
Elaine Clifton.
Maureen Butler, maureen_butler@hotmail.com.
Rev. Margaret Johnson-Jones, nwbay.range@cogeco.ca.
Barbara Bonnard, bbonnard@mac.com.
Pam Park, pampark38@gmail.com.
Margie Mulvihill, margiemulvihill@gmail.com.
Elizabeth Gibson, egibson@kos.net.
Brenda Hobbs, hobbsron@sympatico.ca.
Joyce Eggleston, jjeggleston@gmail.com.
Marilyn Benn, marilynbenn1048@gmail.com.
Hilary Rathwell, rathwellhilary@gmail.com.