Elected Members:

Three members elected by each Regional Assembly, at least one of whom will be clergy and at least one being lay. At least two of the elected members will be members of Synod at the time of their election. The elected representatives must be a member of a congregation within the Regional Assembly at the time of their election.

Appointed Members:

The Bishop will have the right to appoint up to six additional members.


Two (2) years.

Elected in 2016, serving through Synod 2020

Robin Jones (Leeds-Grenville)
Anne Patterson (Frontenac)
Reverend Don Bailey (Quinte)
Reverend Nancy Beale (Hastings)

Elected in 2018, serving through Synod 2022

Katharine McLean (Leeds-Grenville)
Reverend Trish Miller (Leeds-Grenville)
Shane MacKay (Frontenac)
Venerable Bill Clarke (Frontenac)
Peter Cory (Quinte)
Reverend Ada Clifton (Quinte)
Pauline Eskerod (Hastings)
Reverend Lynn Mitchell (Hastings)

Appointed by the Bishop, serving through Synod 2020

Viren Oogarah
Reverend Canon Michael Read
Joe Burnham
James Young
Maureen Butler (ACW)
Voila David


The Rt. Rev. Michael D. Oulton (Bishop of Ontario, Chair)
Mr. Garth Allan (Chancellor)
Mr. Alex Pierson (Diocesan Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer)
The Ven. Wayne Varley (Archdeacon of Ministry and Programs)
The Very Rev. Don Davidson (Dean of Ontario)
Mrs. Heather Grimshaw (Honorary Lay Secretary)
The Rev. Valerie Kelly (Honorary Clerical Secretary)