The Archives of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario houses thousands of documents, artifacts, and books dating back to the fifteenth century. In the past, the Archives have been accessible through a core group of passionate volunteers and archivists who managed our space and helped preserve and record the history presented on our shelves. However, throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and moving diocesan locations, we are in many ways launching anew after a period of limited accessibility and the disbanding of that committee. During this time of fluctuation, we have been fortunate enough to have a strong band of students and historians digitize and accession our extensive collections. As result, we are now in a position to commence re-opening our Archives to our parishes and, ideally, to the public.

The Archives Project aims at bringing many of our beautiful treasures out into the open through carefully curated museum-style exhibits, being constructed right inside our diocese office and digitized for convenient and immersive presentation in any church or parish. As we celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Diocese of Ontario, we have a remarkable opportunity to look back on a legacy of innovation, renewal, and community through the vestiges of the past that have been left for us. By exploring the lives of our clergy, our church buildings, and our congregations, we can simultaneously delve into our heritage and showcase the historical resources at our disposal. With pieces and articles pertaining to diocese history, Anglican history, local Kingston history, and broader North American history, the Archives have so much to offer for researchers, antiquity enthusiasts, and genealogists alike.

Look for more upcoming news soon about the Diocese of Ontario Archives Project!