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Synod Council – 19 September 2023

Synod Council began its September meeting with supper at 5:15 pm at St Mark’s Church, Barriefield. The meeting began at 6:00 pm.

Bishop Oulton welcomed everyone present. Devotions were led by The Rev. Noel Henry, who focused on the issue of identity and Christian identity.

A brief orientation followed, led by Bishop Oulton and Alex Pierson and The Ven. David Selzer.

The Governance and Operations of Synod Council reported.  The Very Rev. Doug Michael was elected as vice-chair of Synod Council.  Tony Ashworth and The Rev. Noel Henry were elected to the Executive Board, to be followed by the bishop’s appointment of two more members. Cunningham-Swan were elected as the diocesan solicitors. Wilkinson and Company were elected as the diocesan audit firm.

Bishop Oulton reported on activities of the diocese since the last meeting in April. Four delegates (two clergy and two lay) and the bishop represented the diocese at General Synod this past summer. A report from them will be presented at a later Synod Council meeting. There was an electoral Synod at the end of April, at which Bishop William Cliff was elected. The Synod of the diocese was held at the end of May at Queen’s University. 

Appointments:  The Rev. Margaret Johston-Jones was appointed priest-in-charge of St Paul’s, Kingston; The Rev. Jon Lavelle was appointed incumbent of the Parish of All Saints South Grenville; The Rev. Lynn Mitchell was appointed incumbent of St Paul’s, Brockville; The Rev. Rogerio de Assiss was appointed assistant priest at St Lawence Brockville. There is an active Parish Selection Advisory Committee at the Anglican Churches of Quinte West. Archbishop Francisco Silva was in the Diocese of Ontario for his sabbatical this spring and early summer, staying in Brockville and Kingston. The Rev. Ryan Deyo was ordained to the transitional diaconate in June; he is serving at St Peter’s Collins Bay with the Ven. William Clarke as incumbent.

This is Bishop Oulton’s last Synod Council meeting; Bishop Cliff will chair the meeting in November. The bishop announced that Bishop William will be installed as diocesan bishop on Saturday 21 October at 5:00 pm, at St George’s Cathedral.

The minutes of the April Synod Council were approved. The minutes of the Electoral Synod and the Diocesan Synod in May were received. Bishop Oulton mentioned the actions of the Executive Board that met in June – Christ Church in Glen Miller, St James’, Kingston.

Susan Everett and Jann Van Vugt, co-chairs of the St George’s Property Development group, along with other members of the group, presented the results of the initial work of the Cathedral on their property development. They are working from a position of mission and developing a feasibility strategy for improvement of their property as new development. 

The Rev. Peter Case, chair of the Investment Committee, presented changes to the Investment Policy, namely adding Real Estate Private Equity to the asset mix. After discussion, Synod Council voted approval.

Synod Council voted to move in camera to approve the bishop-elect’s stipend and housing.


DFO Alex Pierson provided a property update. He said this issue has ballooned with numerous properties in discussion; further work needs to be done.

DFO Alex Pierson presented a brief financial statement of the diocese showing a slight deficit at the end of August 2023. 

In the interest of time, the Ministry and Program Update, Stewardship and Congregational Development Committee report, Worship Committee Development report, and the St Paul Administrator report were all deferred to the next Synod Council meeting. 

Synod Council adjourned at 8:40 pm, with the saying of the Grace. The next meeting of Synod Council will be 28 November.

 The Ven. David Selzer