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Have you ever considered what it would be like to leave the home you have always known, your extended family, your community, rich in celebrations and connections, and arrive in Canada as a refugee? You are grateful for the opportunity it brings, but as the newness wears off, the emptiness you feel, the loss of so much, the need to restart your life, the isolation of doing it on your own can be difficult.

Since 2015, a collaboration between the Anglican Diocese of Ontario and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston have supported refugee sponsorship in our communities from Trenton to Brockville. Many people who have arrived in Kingston through DOORS are now sponsoring their own families. This is good news!

But we cannot do it alone. 

We need co-sponsors. Local people who are willing to assist practically, socially and financially. Making connections is a good news story for everyone. Maybe you are able to help out in some way?

We need young adults aged 18-30 to connect with newcomer young adults who have left their friends, their studies, the world they were counting on, to come to a new and safe place where they feel very alone. They are looking for friends, to hang out with and do things together with people their own age.

We need Language Practice Partners. While English classes are great. Newcomers need a chance to practice their new language skills. A conversation on a coffee date, a walk in the park or even grocery shopping can help newcomers practice skills in every settings.

Welcome others. Help make connections. Make new friends. Make a difference.

Interested? Please contact Mimi Merrill at