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Diocesan staff are back working at the synod office of the Diocese of Ontario at 165 Ontario Street, Suite 4&5, in downtown Kingston. While members of our diocese are always encouraged to communicate and collaborate with synod office staff in person, COVID-19 safety measures are in place at the office with a strong focus on compliance. Visitors upon arrival will be asked to use the Infrared Thermometer” to take their temperature and to wear a mask as well as sanitize their hands. Masks will be made available for visitors who may not have one. Visitors will be able to meet in person with synod office staff using the conference room which will allow for adequate physical distancing. In keeping with safety protocols, The main door will be locked, and visitors are asked to ring a doorbell in order to gain entry to the main lobby. Office staff are asking visitors to be patient with these safety protocols while we all take necessary precautions to mitigate this unfortunate second wave of COVID-19 in Ontario.