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Dear Friends,

I am writing to you further to my letter of October 27th to the diocese following the session of the Special Synod convened last Saturday, October 26th. I have given prayerful consideration to the content of the debate, the results of the votes taken by the clergy and laity and sought the counsel of the Bishop’s Advisory Committee which met this past Friday.

I am prepared to authorize same sex marriages in the diocese by those clergy and congregations who make a request to me for such authorization. Attached to this letter is the policy I have drafted which is framed to strike a balance between the pastoral generosity which some wish to extend and the gracious restraint to which others wish to adhere. I commend it to you and will continue to welcome your comment, advice and counsel as we move forward.

I am deeply grateful for the prayers offered and the diligence shown by members of synod who spoke from their hearts and the courage of their convictions. I am also grateful for the communications I have received from throughout the diocese, not only in light of the current special synod, but throughout the last several years we have addressed this issue. Thank you so very much.

May the Peace of Christ attend us, the Love of God bind us together and the Breath of the Spirit sustain us into a future that is filled with hope and promise.

Pastoral guidelines for same sex marriage (PDF)

Yours Faithfully,                                                                                                       
Bishop Michael