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Would your parish like to participate in our bishop’s vision that each church plant 160 trees to commemorate the 160th Anniversary of the Diocese of Ontario? Here are three steps to get you started. 1) Have a meeting with those interested. Find out who has land and would like to have trees to plant. It could be parishioners own land, your children’s properties or friends or neighbors, or possibly municipal properties. 2) Decide what species best suits these areas, choose from a list of available native Ontario species. 3) Place order with your preferred nursery. Your order needs to be placed very soon while suppliers still have trees available and in time for spring delivery.

The trees could be seedlings, saplings or larger potted trees. Seedlings come either bare rooted or in soil plugs. Bare root will need to be planted very soon after delivery.

Cost would be about $3 for seedlings, $12-$15 saplings and more for larger potted trees. For answers to all your questions visit the Anglican Communion Forest Project section under 'Creation Care' on the Diocese of Ontario website. Or email the Green Group at