Justice and Peace Commission


The Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Kingston was established in 1987. The inaugural meeting was held on 17 November 1987. In the early 1990s John Gomes, Coordinator, was instrumental in obtaining the approval of the Catholic Archbishop and the Anglican Bishop to have representatives from the Anglican Church sit on the Catholic Archdiocesan Commission. After several years of working together, the relationship of the two faiths became more formalized when Bishop George Bruce, Anglican Diocese of Ontario, agreed to become an ex officio member of the Commission in 2003. Formal recognition of the relationship of the two faiths on the Commission was confirmed in 2005, when Archbishop Meagher, Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston and Bishop Bruce, Anglican Diocese of Ontario accepted the adoption of the Mission Statement of the Justice and Peace Commission.

Mission statement

We, the Justice and Peace Commission of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston and the Anglican Diocese of Ontario, united by the Holy Spirit in our common commitment to the social imperatives of the Gospel, promote the understanding and practice of Christian social teaching, as we work and pray for the coming of the Kingdom and work towards a just and peaceful society.

Contributing representatives/Ministries under the umbrella of Justice and Peace

Development & Peace
Primates World Relief and Development Fund
• Prison Ministry (Sharon Dunlop)
PeaceQuest (Bronek Korczynski)
• DOORS: Diocese of Ontario Refugee Support (Bronek Korczynski)
• Roman Catholic parishes liaison (Rev. Blaine Barclay)
• Kingston Faith and Justice Coalition (Leigh Smith)
Green Group (Leigh Smith)
Youth Ministry (Nadia Gundert)
Religious Education (Mary-Jo Mackinnon-Simms)
• Human Trafficking (Rev. John vanStone)

Areas of action and support

• Affordable Housing (Spring 2019)
• Journeys to Justice Panel Discussion (Nov 2018)
• Prison Farms advocacy
• DOORS: Refugee Sponsorship events and support
• Correctional Services of Canada Chaplaincy advocacy
• PeaceQuest participation & support
• KAIROS: blanket exercise
• Green Group: supporting events
• Human Trafficking

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Rev. Valerie Kelly
Coordinator, Justice & Peace Commission