During these four weeks of Advent the Diocese of Ontario is featuring a video reflection each week from a clergy member of our diocese.

Advent 1: Hope
Rev. Lisa BrantFrancis shares with us her reflections on the Advent theme of Hope and how her own journey, inspired by the saving power of the presence of Christ, helped her to overcome personal challenges. Through a renewed faith in God we too can discover the hope available to all of us in Jesus, rooted in the promise of God’s word and new birth through the resurrection.

Advent 2: Peace
This second week of Advent, Rev. Canon Lynn Dillabough reflects on the theme of peace in our lives and the challenges we face in trying to attain that sense of peace. Anxiety is so prevalent in our lives that we ask: "how can we find this peace?" During Advent, Rev. Lynn encourages us to use this season purposefully and seek a greater sense of peace in our daily lives.

Advent 3: Joy
This third week of Advent, Rev Andrew Wilson reflects on the theme of Joy and its constant and enduring qualities in our lives. Through this season Joy brings us the hope of our creator and a new future in Christ. Andrew invites us during this week to contemplate what, in our lives, may bring us a sense of enduring joy.

Advent 4: Love
This Fourth week of Advent, the Very Rev. Doug Michael reflects on the theme of Love and how God coming to us in the form of a dependent and vulnerable infant, speaks to a profound openness and very specific relationship between us and our creator. Doug invites us during this week to celebrate our unique relationship with God and explore the true invitation that lies at the heart of the Christmas season.