The Diocese of Ontario Green Group

The focus of the Green Group is the 5th Mark of Mission, which is “to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth”. It is our conviction that we are charged with care of Creation and as stewards of the earth, we must always be aware of God’s call to us to live gently on the earth mindful of the seventh generation. Our mandate is to keep the 5th Mark of Mission before the parishes and people of the Diocese of Ontario and beyond.

Current activity

We meet monthly in the homes of members to share good local food, ideas and information. We submit items and articles to eNews and Dialogue and occasionally The Anglican Journal about creation care. Rev. Ian Ritchie is working on the season of creation liturgical resources. At this time Josef Cihlar is the diocesan representative for the Creation Matters Working Group of the national church.

 Goals and Objectives

  1. To continue to use eNews and Dialogue to encourage churches and individuals to keep care of creation foremost in their decision making processes.
  2. To improve our creation care display for use at diocesan events and hopefully other occasions beyond our diocese.
  3. We continue to be interested in working with like minded groups in our broader community. We have recently spoken with a local MP about climate change. We presented a petition to a local MPP about the issue of preventing water from becoming a commodity. We hope to meet again to discuss the possibility of working with other groups on this issue.
  4. To consider hosting workshops and presentations in our diocese which focus on caring for creation.

We believe that by offering opportunities for members of our diocese to learn more about what can and must be done to stop climate change, we will be supporting the call to care for God’s Holy Creation


Chairs: Mary Wooding and Paula Walker
Contact person: Paula Walker Telephone: (6130 476-6063
Email: or

Group members: Mary and Don Raddon, Leigh Smith, Eve and Joe Buckley, Rev. Ian Ritchie, Josef Cihlar, Bridget Doherty, Al and Susan Radecki, Susan Withers, Bruce Walker and co-chairs Mary Wooding and Paula Walker. There also are a number of other supportive individuals we can call on for help with events.

Green Group History

The Diocese of Ontario Green Group first met in March of 2007 by invitation from Debra Fieguth, then the Social Action Coordinator for the diocese. We produced a mission statement: “As Christians, we believe that God has created the Earth and all that is in it, and that we have the responsibility to be stewards of that creation.” We agreed to meet once a month in each other’s homes for a potluck supper and meeting to talk about ideas and determine actions to be taken.

Green Group Achievements

  • Showed “An Inconvenient Truth” or hosted the slideshow presentation in various locations.
  • Spoke on biblical/theological stewardship at special events -The Rev. Dr. Ian Ritchie.
  • Co-chaired the bishop’s dinner with special guest Elizabeth May in April 2008.
  • Hosted two workshops on environmental stewardship, led by Tim Christie from Greening Sacred Spaces at the Diocesan synod of October 2008.
  • Presented two resolutions which were passed at the synod of 2008.We then requested help from the diocesan ACWs in implementing these resolutions.
  • Presented a Green Film Festival in five diocesan churches in November 2008. We showed five different films. In one case the director attended.
  • Supported 350 letter campaign for stronger action on climate change in Copenhagen 2009.
  • Co-sponsored two online conferences from Trinity Institute – January 2009 – Radical Abundance – building a sustainable environment and in January 2010. Ideology and the Marketplace – building an ethical economy. Both were held at St. James’, Kingston.
  • Energy saving ideas, and articles on climate change and divestment in Dialogue.
  • Created Green Group bookmarks to shared at various displays and workshops.
  • Had a display at the Diocese of Ontario 150th Anniversary Celebration at the K-Rock Centre on June 3, 2012. We produced and sold anniversary mugs to promote the use of reusable cups.
  • Hosted workshop on fracking at the Diocesan synod of 2012. Led by Dr. Leigh Smith.
  • Continue to promote Earth Hour, Earth Day, Overshoot Day, and other creation care events on eNews and in Dialogue.
  • Ian has produced a “Resource for Creation Care” list for displays and workshops.
  • Hosted a workshop “Faithful Living on the Land: Discipleship in Practice” with Bishop Mark MacDonald and a panel focusing on water in January 2014. Purchased a cow (one share) in the local Pen Herd in support of prison farm.
  • Hosted a climate change and faith workshop for the diocesan synod of 2014. Led by Kari Munn-Venn of Citizens for Public Justice at St. Peter’s, Collins Bay.
  • Hosted guest speaker Dr. Katharine Hayhoe at St. George’s – climate change and faith in February 2015.
  • Information table at Queen’s sidewalk sale September 2015.
  • 3 Divestment presentations for synod workshops for treasures and wardens, spring 2016.
  • Display and letters to be signed to provincial and federal ministers of the environment requesting action on climate change.
  • Plenary speaker Lenore Fahrig at Diocesan synod November 2016.
  • Synod display November 2016 with letters to be signed as above.Two synod workshops 2016.
  • Met with MP Mike Bossio to discuss government action on climate change in January 2017.
  • Water Justice (Trinity Institute speakers) workshop at St. Peter’s April 8, 2017 with petition on hand for signatures demanding water not be treated as a commodity but protected for the common good.
  • Met with MPP Sophie Kiwala in September 2017 to present petition demanding that water not be treated as a commodity.

Resolutions presented by the Green Group and passed at synod of 2008

  1. Whereas there are health risks related to plastic water containers, and whereas there are environmental issues involved with the manufacture and disposal of water bottles, and whereas there are major social ramifications to the sale and purchase of water; be it resolved that we will use and promote the use of potable tap water and avoid the use of single use water bottles in our home, work places and especially our churches.
  2. Whereas as Christians we wish to promote environmental sustainability, be it resolved that in our homes, workplaces and especially our churches, we make a determined effort as individuals and groups to use only reusable eating utensils and cutlery and avoid Styrofoam and other disposable products.