Synod 2018

Diocesan Synod 2018 – “Rooted in Faith, Growing in Spirit”

The Diocese of Ontario 142nd session of Synod is now concluded.

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Synod 2018 ministry videos

View these ministry videos shown at our 2018 Synod highlighting the Good Shepherd Legacy Project as well as diocesan covenant inspired ministries at Christ Church Belleville and St. Paul’s Brockville.

Good Shepherd Legacy Project

From the parishes humble beginnings in the late 1800’s serving the workers of Dominion Textile, to a mission of St. George’s Cathedral beginning in 1916, the Good Shepherd Mission has responded to the needs of a changing Kingston community. An ongoing partnership project with Habitat for Humanity will ensure the continuing mission and ministry of the Good Shepherd in Kingston North.

Reading Buddies

As their parish covenant commitment, Christ Church Belleville started a literacy support program that focused on youth outreach in the local community. The parish partnered with Prince Charles School to provide one on one volunteer support for children needing literacy and numeracy assistance.

Full of Beans

St. Paul’s Brockville started a food security program in 2017 called ‘Full of Beans.’ This Outreach to the local community teaches basic cooking skills and food preparation for those on a limited budget. The parish also made Full of Beans cooking club part of their parish covenant commitment.

The 142nd session of Diocesan Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario will be held November 1-3, 2018, at the Four Points by Sheraton Kingston. The main agenda items of our Synod will include:

Draft Constitution and Canons
The draft diocesan Constitution and Canons that were approved as policy at Synod 2016 will be presented at Synod 2018 for approval. Since Synod 2016, a wide consultative process has been underway with diocesan stakeholders and leadership soliciting input and proposed changes to the draft Constitution and Canons. Overall changes to the Canons and Constitution have been made to ensure compliance with changes to the new Provincial Not-For-Profit Corporations Act.

2018 Budget and CMM structure
Synod will vote on the proposed 2018 diocesan budget. Synod will also have the opportunity to review and debate conversation around the Common Ministry and Mission (CMM) structure going forward. A new CMM structure is intended to address the question of “what is the CMM structure aiming to accomplish?”

Proposed changes to the Marriage Canon
All diocesan synods are being asked to consider the proposed changes to the Marriage Canon that passed first reading at General Synod 2016. Diocesan wide consultation sessions on the Marriage Canon will be held in 2018 along with facilitated group discussions to be held at our 2018 synod. Written documentation as a result of our 2018 diocesan consultation sessions and group discussions at this year’s Synod will be collated into a body of material that will be forwarded to General Synod 2019. The following downloadable resources are provided as a “tool box” designed to assist clergy in planning sessions related to the proposed change to the Marriage Canon.

New Metropolitan to celebrate Eucharist at opening of Synod
Bishop Anne Germond, the new Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada will join us at our Synod along with a delegation from the Diocese of Algoma. Archbishop Anne will be celebrating the Eucharist at the opening of Synod at St. George’s Cathedral on Thursday November 1 at 7:30pm.

Synod 2018 Plenary Speakers

Rev. Dr. Christopher Brittain is Dean of Divinity and Margaret E. Fleck Chair in Anglican Studies at Trinity College, University of Toronto. He is an ordained Anglican priest with parish ministry experience, having served in  three dioceses of the Anglican Church of Canada, in the Episcopal Church of   Scotland, and the Diocese of Europe.

Dr. Brittain will present on the Anglican Communion focus on the same-sex marriage issue.

Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat is Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at both Wycliffe and Trinity Colleges, University of Toronto. She is also the Biblical Scholar in   Residence at St. James Anglican Church, Fenelon Falls. Dr. Keesmaat first began speaking on issues pertaining to same-sex marriage while taking part in the Diocesan Conversations on Same-Sex Blessings in the Diocese of Toronto in 2004.

Dr. Keesmaat will present on the biblical rationale in favour of changing the Marriage Canon to accommodate same-sex relationships.

Rev. Dr. Glen Taylor is Associate Professor of Scripture and Global  Christianity at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, and cross-appointed to the School of Graduate Studies for the Department of Religion. He is an ordained Anglican priest. Some years ago he published an article on Homosexuality in biblical perspective, which was later published in a book featuring best articles.

Dr. Taylor will present on the biblical rationale opposing changing the Marriage Canon to accommodate same-sex relationships.

Synod information package for Delegates

Attending our 2018 Diocesan Synod as a delegate? This comprehensive guide outlines the responsibilities of being a synod delegate and member, and will provide you with the tools necessary to fulfill this important role in the life of our diocese. Download the Synod 2018 manual.

Synod 2018 Convening Circular

1. Information Package

Synod 2018 Information Package

2. Agenda

Synod 2018 Agenda

3. Officers of Synod & Parochial Listing

Officers of Synod and Parochial Listing

4. Reports of Synod

Reports of Synod

5. 2016 & 2017 Audited Financial Statements

2016 Audited Financial Statements
2017 Audited Financial Statements

6. Nominations

All 2018 Synod Nominations

Individual nomination listings:

Anne Patterson

Blair Peever

Charles Morris

Don Davidson

Haroldine Neil-Burchert

Haynes Hubbard

John Flegg

Katharine McLean

Nancy Beale

Nancy MacLeod

Peter Cory

Philip Bury

Trish Miller

Valerie Kelly

7. Operating Fund Proposed Budget

Operating Fund Proposed Budget 2019

8. Notice of Motions

Notices of Motion

9. Constitution & Canons

DRAFT Canons (revised October 5, 2018)

DRAFT Canons (revised Sept. 11, 2018)

DRAFT Canons (revised March 2018)

DRAFT Constitution (revised October 5, 2018)

DRAFT Constitution (revised Sept. 11, 2018

DRAFT Constitution (revised March 2018)