Stewardship & Congregational Development

The Stewardship and Congregational Development Committee (SCDC) as the name suggests, brings together two areas of ministry vital to the health and success of our congregations and parishes. It is our responsibility to support parishes and congregations in their efforts to develop innovative, mission driven programs focused on serving the needs their communities; to help them discern what they are being called to do and how best to answer that call.

Aren’t they two different ministries?

You might ask “Aren’t Stewardship and Congregational Development two different ministries?” Well, truth is they are. But we see a direct, symbiotic relationship when it comes to answering God’s questions about why we are here. Simply put, we won’t achieve sustainable, mission driven stewardship without healthy congregations; and we won’t have healthy congregations if we aren’t seen as serving our communities.

We will work with your congregation or parish to:

  • Change your understanding of what stewardship and congregational development is.
  • Help you with the importance of relationships and engagement in community.
  • Identify and develop partnerships – we can’t do it all ourselves.
  • Search for Best Practices and Partnerships in development and delivery of programs.
  • Implement programs tailored to your objectives.
  • Help you with the on-going management process.
  • Improve Relationships.
    • Diocese<>Parishes.
    • Parishes<>Communities

Engaging in our communities

We’ve believe that we have different way to look at stewardship and how to weave it into the fabric of our lives; we’ve seen how the diocesan vision and strategy is calling on all of us to become more engaged in our communities; and we now know that we are in many places already answering what God is calling us to do.

I hope that you can see that the path we are on is intentional and that our objective is to help you determine what you are being called to do and then to help you achieve it.

Please join us as we step boldly into the world.

Our Stewardship Covenant

All true theology is based on some form of a divine covenant. The Christian religion must be understood covenantally, for that is how God has chosen to relate to man, whether in the garden or after the entrance of sin into the world. The goal of all divine–human covenants is summed up in the words found throughout the Bible: “I will be your God and you will be my people, and I will dwell among you”

The Old Testament stories, especially those of Abraham and Sarah, of Noah, and of David tell us of God’s promises to our biblical ancestors—promises of what the future will be like.

Implied in this Covenant is the fact that God is completely and totally in charge. This promissory covenant suggests that we need to let go of our need to be in control, and that we get used to the idea of sharing the world with God, confident that we do not face the future alone.

By choosing to take part in this Covenant, we choose to work together as a diocese, to work with God, to make God’s dream for all of creation come to reality.

Our Stewardship Covenant (PDF)

Vision and Strategy

The mission of the people of the Diocese of Ontario can be thought of as an image of a tree with three distinct branches. One branch invests in ministry, the second branch seeks to serve the communities our parishes are part of, and the third branch is mission driven stewardship. The garden soil this tree grows in is the Gospel of Christ. Together, these elements form a visual representing the Vision and Strategy for the Diocese of Ontario. Connected and engaged.

Diocesan Vision and Strategy (PDF)

Mission Driven Stewardship

Too often parish leadership is inclined to leave personal stewardship to chance, the hope being that congregants want to give, know what they are giving to and give at an appropriate level.  Leaving stewardship to chance, however, is not a practical or reasonable approach to ensuring generous giving. We believe that the following programs are indeed “Best Practices” and we encourage you as parish leaders to consider these when planning how to make stewardship an everyday part of the life or your church community.

Mission Driven Stewardship (PDF)

Serving Communities

Bishop Michael has spoken often about the need for us to think about our relationships with those around us. The challenges facing us and our communities can’t be solved by us alone. It will only be done by joining together with others. We know in our hearts that our future lies in living the gospel and spreading the love of God in demonstrable ways that will improve the lives of those less fortunate than we are.

Serving Communities (PDF)

Volunteers and Volunteering

With the start of each year, we will all gather at our respective annual meetings to review our finances, elect our officers, and plan our events for the coming year. Will we do it the same way we always have, or will we take a different approach? While we can’t speak for everyone, we believe that change is in the air.

In the last couple of years, more and more of us are using this gathering as an opportunity to re-commit ourselves to our communities; embracing the Diocesan Vision and Strategy and investing in Mission and Ministry via our Diocesan Covenants with remarkable results. With this in mind, we hope that when your parish meets this year, you will take time to discuss how your congregation can begin to live out our Diocesan Strategy; what Ministry will you invest in; what are the needs in your community; and how will you go about meeting them?

Remember, you can’t do it alone. You will need to build partnerships with other churches and community organizations. And you may need to recruit new volunteers. We have added some information about volunteers and volunteering to the Stewardship and Congregational Development section of the Diocesan Website that we hope will help you in meeting your requirements. And if you have any questions with regard to Stewardship and Congregational Development please contact either Doug Cowley, communications lead, at or the Rev. Trish Miller, committee chair, at

A few thoughts about volunteers and volunteering (PDF)

Stewardship resources

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Episcopal Church Foundation Best Practices
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Mission and Concern for Congregational Growth

For Anglicans concerned about how to develop and grow their congregations, the Rev. Christopher Page has a simple suggestion on where to begin.


For more on how Stewardship and Congregational Development can facilitate mission driven stewardship in your parish contact:

Rev. Trish Miller
Chair, Stewardship and Congregational Development Committee

The Ven. Wayne Varley
Archdeacon of Ministry and Program
(613) 544-4774 ext. 138