Prayers for Pittsburgh

The Diocesan Synod meeting in Kingston this coming weekend will gather on the front steps of St. George’s Cathedral at noon on Friday, Nov 2 (All Souls Day) for the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation as we have done for the past two synods. There is never a shortage of situations in our hurting world that call out for those committed to the Good News of Christ to live and act with hearts devoted to the way of peace, justice and hope.

When we gather this Friday with the shadow of the carnage at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh overhanging those weary of such hatred, pipe bombs being sent through the mail, a caravan of the displaced in Central America adding to the millions fleeing oppression around the world and a politics of fear taking hold  in too many nations around the globe—we will join our partners in the Community of the Cross of Nails who lift up their prayers and commit to put these prayers into faithful action.

It is also nearly the first anniversary (Nov. 5) of welcoming Canon Sarah Hills of Coventry and the CCN to St. George’s, where she presented our cathedral’s Cross of Nails that had been dedicated and sent from Coventry Cathedral. The people of Coventry know well the power of the reconciling spirit to heal and restore the fractures caused by hatred.

I invite all to join us this Friday at 11:50am at. St. George’s to prepare to offer the Litany as the noon bells toll. Or, if you are unable to be with us, to pause for a moment in prayer for those who have been the victims of hate. Pray also for those whose hearts have been darkened by hatred that they may be turned from the darkness and grasp life that truly is life.

Yours in the Peace and Light of Christ,

Bishop Michael