Happy Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day everyone!

Each morning I give thanks to God for the joy, privilege and blessing of living in Canada. We have our challenges as a country, but the heart and soul of who we are allows us to face these challenges head on, dealing with hard truths and complex matters from the perspective of moving forward together. Our national identity is founded upon a rule of law, built up over generations and centuries, with many streams of our common life carrying us to where we are today and toward the future we dream of for tomorrow.

I treasure the blessing of our common life and the beautiful mosaic of who we are, but I also know that this is as fragile as the fabric upon which our flag is printed or the paper upon which our constitution is written. This reality calls us to never take our blessings for granted, to recommit to being part of the national conversation and those decisions that will help us set our course for the future and secure our place in seeking healing for our hurting world.

Our Anglican tradition of common prayer provides two powerful prayers that are most appropriate for use today.  The Canadian Book of Common Prayer (pg.59) provides a prayer for our national heritage and the Book of Alternative Services (pg.678) provides a prayer for the nation. I would encourage the regular offering of these prayers beyond days of national significance like Canada Day or Flag Day. The stream of living faith is part of the identity which binds us together and I trust that the petitions we offer in these prayers will be shown forth in the actions of faithful people each and every day.

Bishop Michael