The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) is the official international aid and development agency of the Anglican Church of Canada. Through PWRDF, Canadian Anglicans participate in development and emergency relief work worldwide.

For the last 50 years, PWRDF has continued to be supported by members of the Diocese of Ontario. Contributions in 2012 totaled $61,462.

Visit the PWRDF website at for more information on the work of the fund.

Parish Representatives

Anglicans within the Diocese of Ontario have traditionally been involved in the fund either through parish fundraising activities or events to raise awareness of the Fund’s work. Key to this involvement are the parish representatives, people within each parish who lead parish events, raise funds and keep the goals, achievements and needs of the fund alive in the minds of the people in the pews. These volunteers are the heart and soul of the PWRDF and one of the main reasons for its success.

Examples of volunteer work range from special Sunday offerings, events for a specific purpose such as an Irish Stew lunch which resulted in $1,800 for three bicycle ambulances, walks, meals and being engaged with first nations people to increase understanding. Recently, Anne Patterson, Parish Rep of St Mark’s Barriefield, presented $5,000 for PWRDF’s work in Syria.

PWRDF Coordinator

A PWRDF Coordinator exists to support the parish reps and provide a focus for PWRDF activities within the Diocese.  The coordinator provides these services:

  • Maintain periodic contact with representatives to determine their needs, provide advice and encouragement, and obtain feedback
  • Facilitate Parish Representatives access to PWRDF resources.  Where appropriate, develop resources to meet local needs
  • Hold Diocesan wide educational events for Parish Representatives and other interested persons
  • Represent the PWRDF at the Diocesan level and the Diocese at the national level.

For more information on PWRDF in the diocese, please contact the Coordinator, Elizabeth Grew at

Food Security: “Fred says”

For the next three years, PWRDF will focus on Food Security. A campaign, “”, was launched by the Primate Fred Hiltz in November 2013 with a number of campaign tools including an online donation portal which can be accessed from the web-site at


 ‘Belly to Belly’

The 2014 Diocese of Ontario weight loss challenge, “Belly to Belly”,  is a fundraising project to raise money for the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. Our slogan, “Belly to belly, from our belly of excess to those who have no food in their bellies.

It is our hope that participants will be motivated to lose weight and raise money to share our wealth by supporting our Primate’s Fund in the world.  Other benefits will be to have some fun, learn, and adopt healthy eating practices and to lose weight.

From our bellies of excess to the bellies of those who have none.  Re-imagine our lives to be fit and healthy in 2014.  Think strategic realignment of healthy eating and exercise. And behold, with God’s help, new bodies in 2014. Click here for more information.