Parish Covenants

Diocese of Ontario covenanting process

In April of 2014, the Ministry Task Force (MTF), established by Synod Council, launched a diocesan-wide survey with the goal of obtaining feedback from laity in our diocese on how to develop new and more sustainable models of ministry. To date, this was the largest consultation ever conducted and the feedback represents the collective wisdom of the people of the Diocese of Ontario.

The result of this consultation was a list of recommendations by the MTF that were presented at the 2014 Synod. Out of these recommendations came the parish covenant commitment: Each parish in the diocese would have the opportunity to enter into a written covenant with the diocese to implement the recommendations in the MTF Report.

With each covenant, parishes are asked to focus their time and energies on two parts:

  1. Strengthening an existing ministry within their parish.
  2. Undertaking a new ministry that may involve an initiative in their own parish or reaching out into the community.

The dioceses’ role will be to assist parishes with their covenanting process by providing guidance and support along with a commitment by the Bishop to visit each parish council before Synod 2016 in order to help facilitate that parishes covenant goals.

By taking part in this covenant, parishes choose to work together as a diocese, to work with God and to make God’s dream for all of creation come to reality within the Diocese of Ontario.

• Download the covenant document (PDF)

Covenant grants

A small amount of seed money is available to parishes in helping fund their yearly covenant goals. The Covenant team has been given the responsibility to distribute these funds. To be as fair as possible the team will distribute the budgeted amount of $5,000 in grants of up to $500 that we will consider on a first come first served basis. If you are looking for some funding to support part of your covenant efforts we ask that you write to us and share with us what that ministry is and how the grant could help move that ministry forward in your parish.

Covenant grant application (PDF)

Please return all completed forms to: The Covenant Team, Anglican Diocese of Ontario, PO BOX 490 KINGSTON Main, Kingston ON., K7l 4W5.


Both St. Luke’s, Kingston, and St. Mary Magdalene, Picton, made a commitment to a diocesan covenant for their ministries outlined in these following videos.

St. Luke’s Gift Card Ministry

St. Luke’s Kingston hosts a community outreach program assisting the homeless and those on ODSP by providing gift cards to local stores providing food and clothing. Father Don Goodwin also helps with letting people know all the places in the community where they can get a free meal.

St. Mary Magdalene Picton and County Kids Read

St. Mary Magdalene partners with the written word committee of the Prince Edward County Arts Council by providing a room in the lower level of the parish hall for an initiative called County Kids Read. Working with local schools and community contacts, this group provides new books to children in an effort to raise literacy rates in Prince Edward County.