Your Synod Council at work

A meeting of the Synod Council of the Diocese of Ontario was held on Tuesday, June 27 at Christ Church Cataraqui. Some highlights of the meeting include:
Synod Council approved the Hyanto Ministries business plan. The upcoming September 2017 meeting of Synod Council will see a full review of the Hyanto Ministries budget which if approved will authorize the camp to open in 2018.
Council approved the proposed diocesan anti-harassment policy in compliance with provincial legislation. A template for parishes to implement will be distributed shortly.
Synod Council was updated on the diocesan partnership with Habitat for humanity and the Good Shepherd build. A kick-off event will be held on July 11 at the Good Shepherd Mission and will feature announcements from local officials and Bishop Oulton. A neighborhood BBQ will be held and all are welcome.
Council reviewed financials. A lengthy discussion was held around the structure of CMM. Input from this discussion will be consolidated with a view to consultation sessions with the diocese to be held in the fall.
Bishop Oulton announced his intention to take a sabbatical in 2018.

The next meeting of Synod Council is scheduled to occur on Tuesday September 26 at 6pm in Christ Church, Cataraqui.
The approval of the minutes of the June 27 meeting are pending. For previous Synod Council minutes click here.

For questions about Synod Council, please contact Alex Pierson, Diocesan Executive Officer, by email at or by phone at 613-544-4774 ext. 131.