Wardens and treasurers workshops-May 27

On May 27 the Diocese of Ontario will offer wardens & treasurers workshops for clergy, wardens, treasurers and others in parish leadership. This year, wardens and treasurers will be updated on the new diocesan vision and strategy approved at our last Synod along with the revisions to the diocesan canons that comply with the impending amendments to the Ontario Not for Profit Act. Our chancellor, Roy Conacher, will lead this segment and he recommends that the Wardens and Treasurers review the drafts of these documents prior to the meeting and come prepared to provide input on the drafts and any suggested revisions or concerns. Download Agenda.

The main workshop will be held at the Synod Office at 165 Ontario St. A satellite location will be held at St. John’s Bath and St. Paul’s, Brockville on the same date with the presentations shown via live streaming in the parish hall.

Date: May 27.
Time: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Location: (MAIN) Synod Office, 165 Ontario St. (SATELLITE) St. John’s, Bath, 212 Church St., Bath. (SATELLITE) St. Paul’s, 12 Pine St., Brockville.

For more information please contact Doug Cowley at scdcdoug@gmail.com or Archdeacon Wayne Varley at wvarley@ontario.anglican.ca.