The Most Reverend Frederick James Hiltz Scholarship Fund

The Diocese of Toronto has set aside $250,000 to be used to award clergy, religious, postulants and laity across Canada (with initial priority to the Diocese of Toronto) with a scholarship to fully fund the tuition for the 10 Day Palestine of Jesus Course at St. Georges College in Jerusalem, Israel. Applications will be available through Bishop Michael Oulton’s office. For this year only, 2018, the application deadline is September 30, 2018. View guidelines.

All applications must have the approval of Bishop Oulton. 4-5 scholarships having a value of approximately $5000 will be offered each year until the funds are extinguished. Applicants should contact St. George’s Jerusalem prior to applying to ensure there is course space during the time they wish to attend a course. Under CRA rules these funds will be taxed in the hands of the applicant.