Special Synod Oct 26, 2019

Following Bishop Michael Oulton’s letter to our diocese of July 23, 2019, clergy and lay members of our Synod circulated a petition asking Bishop Oulton to convene a Special Synod [prior to our regular 2020 Synod] to address the matter of solemnization of same sex marriages in the Diocese of Ontario. This petition achieved a quorum of both lay and clerical members of Synod. Bishop Oulton has convened a Special Synod to be held on October 26, 2019, in Kingston. The single agenda item of this Special Synod will be consideration of a proposed motion requesting the Bishop of Ontario to authorize the marriage of same sex couples within the boundaries of the diocese, including the conditions for extending episcopal permission and protection for those whose conscience precludes officiating at such liturgies.

This Special Synod will be attended by Synod delegates and clergy only. No observers will be permitted to attend this Special Synod. Live streaming of the Special Synod will be available through our Diocese of Ontario YouTube Channel.