PWRDF is seeking volunteers to build a diocesan team

PWRDF relies on a network of dedicated volunteers across Canada who are at the heart of our engagement with individuals and parishes keeping the work of PWRDF partners in Canada and around the world in the hearts, minds and prayers of Anglicans across the country. They provide education on current issues, updates on donations and the change that results in communities around the world and PWRDF’s response and information about emergencies and the need for longer term sustainable development work. PWRDF is looking for volunteers who would like to work with us to shape a team that would strengthen the PWRDF ministry within the Diocese of Ontario. For more information please contact Kim Umbach, Volunteer Management Advisor PWRDF, at or phone (416) 924-9199 ext. 367, or contact Archdeacon Wayne Varley at or phone at (613) 777-0530