Congregational Handbook


The Congregational Handbook is a publication of the Diocese of Ontario and this version has been developed by the Stewardship and Congregational Development Committee.

This Handbook has been designed to grow and to be updated over time as contact information changes, new policies and procedures are approved, and key programs and core services are developed to meet the needs of the congregations of the Diocese.

Errors, omissions, and suggestions for additions to the Congregational Handbook should be directed to:

Mark Hauser
Communications Officer
Diocese of Ontario
165 Ontario Street
Kingston, ON
K7L 2Y6
Phone: 613-544-4774 x 125

Table of Contents

1. The Wider Church
2. The Diocesan Church—Leadership and Governance
3. The Diocesan Centre
4. The Local Church
5. The Local Church—The Office of Churchwarden
6. Effective Finances—Resources to Assist Churchwardens and Treasurers
7. Stewardship
8. Leadership & Congregational Development Resources
Canon of the Diocese of Ontario