Marriage Canon Tool Box

Marriage Canon Tool Box for Clergy and Congregations

Resolution A051-R2 passed on first reading at General Synod 2016. This resolution approved wording that would change General Synod Canon 21 (The Marriage Canon) in order to make possible the marriage of persons in a same sex relationship. Each Provincial and Diocesan Synod is now required by General Synod (section 11 c i of the Declaration of Principles) to give consideration to the resolution which will be placed before General Synod 2019 for second reading.

Clergy are asked to discuss this issue with their Synod delegates prior to our Synod in November 2018 as a minimum requirement.

The following downloadable resources are provided as a “tool box” designed to assist you in planning sessions related to the proposed change to the Marriage Canon.

Resolution #A051-R2 (General Synod 2016)

Resolution #A054 (General Synod 2016)

Diocese of Ontario Norms

Diocesan Responses to Canon 21

This Holy Estate

Annotated Bibliography

Biblical Interpretation in This Holy Estate – Talking Points for Consultations in the Diocese of Ontario

Bishop Michael Oulton – ‘Understanding this Holy Estate: A Starting Point for Parish Conversations’

Canon 21 Steering Committee

Members of the Canon 21 Steering Committee who have been meeting monthly to flesh out the process leading up to our Synod. This group includes our delegates to General Synod 2016 Rev. John Van Stone, Rev. Lisa Chisholm Smith, Anne Patterson and Haroldine Neil-Burchert. Joining them are Rev. Canon Dr. Barbara Robinson, Rev. Dr. William Morrow, Mr. Andrew Innes and Dean Don Davidson.

Submissions from individuals, congregations/parishes, and other interested groups

Members of our diocese are invited to contribute submissions regarding General Synod Canon 21 (The Marriage Canon) for posting in this attributable section. These submissions are personal opinion and do not come from the Canon 21 Steering Committee.

Note* These submissions are not part of the Clergy Tool Box.

Submissions should be emailed to Archdeacon Wayne Varley at
The deadline for mailed submissions, personal or parish group to be memorialized to General Synod is October 5, 2018.
The deadline for electronic submissions, personal or parish group to be memorialized to General Synod is October 8, 2018.

• April 17: John Barron, St. Mark’s, Barriefield:  Is God Anti-Gay? Answering Tough Questions About Same-Sex Marriage | Sam Allberry.
• April 20: Rev. Richard Hetke, St. Mary Magdalene, Napanee:
• April 20: Rev. Richard Hetke, St. Mary Magdalene, Napanee:
• April 26: Betty and Cliff Chayer, St. Paul’s, Cardinal: personal submission.

• May 7: Rev Dorothy Lancaster: personal submission.
• May 14: Peter Gower: personal submission.
• May 14: Lynn Wilson: personal submission.
• May 24: Rev. Valerie Kelly: personal submission.
• May 24: Diana Davis Duerkop: personal submission.
• May 28: Jo-Anne Daigle: personal sumbission.
• May 28: Linda Morgan: personal submission.

• June 5: Ellen Fleming: personal submission.
• June 6: Rev. Dr. David Smith: personal submission.
• June 8: Ruth Oliver: personal submission.
• June 13: All Saints Augusta Canon 21 discussion: submission.
• June 13: R. N. Lambert: personal submission.
• June 13: Summery of notes from clergy day Canon 21 discussion: submission.
• June 13: Parishes of Kente and Marysburgh Canon 21 discussion: submission.
• June 13: Diocesan Consultations Meetings on Canon 21: submission.
• June 13: Jacob Ellens: personal submission.
• June 15: Sharon Hetke: personal submission.
• June 15: Leeds Anglican Ministries: submission.
• June 15: Christ Church Gananoque: submission.
• June 15: Rev. Richard Hetke: personal submission.
• June 15: Trinity Parish: submission.
• June 20: Christ Church Belleville: submission.
• June 22: Rev John Flindall: personal submission.
• June 27: St. Mark’s Barriefield: submission.

• July 9: Jean Gower: personal submission.
• July 14: Mark Fowke: personal submission.
• September 5: St. Mary Magdalene Picton: submission.
• September 18: John Barron: personal submission.