Anglican Diocese of Ontario Foundation

The Anglican Diocese of Ontario: Building for Our Future

The Anglican Diocese of Ontario Foundation quietly works away at its principal task the building up of the church in this piece of God’s Kingdom. The inception of the Foundation grew out of the Diocese’s commitment to stewardship and congregational development and was a means to support these two key areas of ministry.

Independent of the Diocese with its own set of by-laws and Board of Directors the work of the Foundation began in three key areas, with some examples of that work:

Promote and Develop Clergy and Lay Leadership

  • Foundation grants have sponsored the Clergy College developed by Canon David Smith in his role as Stewardship Education Officer.
  • Grants to the Training and Development Committee to support students working in advanced degree studies.

Promote and Develop Parish and Diocesan Ministries

  • St. George’s Cathedral received grants to fund their Youth Choir.
  • St. Luke’s Lyndhurst received a grant for their Thrift Shop which operates out of their Parish Ministry Centre.

Assist with Infrastructure Projects

  • St. Paul’s, Sydenham received grants to cover up to 50% of capital projects.

In recent years a fourth area of Emerging Ministries has also received attention and seed funding for new and innovative ministries. As an example, Hyanto Ministries received a grant toward their Vacation Bible School program in 2017.


Funding for the Foundation comes from individual and parish memberships, and bequests.

Memberships are available for parishes or individuals, at $100 and $50 respectively.  Membership is a pre-requisite for any parish that makes an application. Under Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, individuals may not receive grants.

Applications are available by contacting any Diocese of Ontario Board Member. Email

Rt. Rev. Michael Oulton [patron]

Diocese of Ontario Foundation Board of Directors:

  • The Venerable Bill Clarke [president].
  • Paul Clur [vice-president].
  • Roy Conacher.
  • Christopher J. Coome.
  • The Very Rev. Don Davidson.
  • Matthew Derbyshire.
  • Eric Friesen.
  • Susan McCulloch.
  • Anne Patterson [secretary].
  • Canon John Secker [treasurer].

Staff Support:

*The Ven. John M. Robertson [development consultant].


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 26007 GARDINERS, Kingston, ON, K7M 8W4.
Registered Office: St. Thomas Anglican Church, 130 Lakeview Ave., Kingston, ON K7M 3T5. Telephone: (613) 389-0683 or (613) 384-5608