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An online virtual meeting of the Synod Council of the Diocese of Ontario was held on Tuesday June 28, 2022. Highlights of the meeting include: 

The Bishop opened the meeting with prayer.

The Bishop updated Council on several recent appointments and changes that are happening with diocesan officers. Transitions will occur over the summer months.

Rev. Lynne Mitchell (incumbent) and the wardens of St. George’s Trenton presented a summary of their history, their ministry and mission in the community and background on their current financial situation. At the September meeting (planned to be hosted at. St George’s), Council will be presented with a viability plan for approval.

Council was updated by the financial officer on the Operating Fund, Parish Receivables, and Investment Fund for the January to end of May period. The Operating Fund is tracking slightly better than the deficit set out in the 2022 Budget. This is current (June) forecast for the year end projects that we will have a smaller deficit than budgeted. Council was also updated on the 2023 Budget planning work, including the Priorities Consultation Session held on June 25. Members of the diocese can watch the recording of that session, download the presentation material and provide input through the feedback form (up to late July). All are available on the diocesan website.

The Bishop updated Synod Council on the planning for a May Synod of the Diocese of Ontario. The Synod will be held at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour from Friday May 26 to Sunday May 28, 2023. The Sunday (Pentecost) is planned to be a diocesan service in St George’s Cathedral to celebrate our 160th Anniversary. Canon Michael Read and Audrey Doliszny having accepted the Bishop’s invitation to continue as the co-chairs of the Planning and Steering Committee.

Updates from the Archdeacon of Ministry and Program and the Chair of Stewardship/Congregational Development were also received.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of Synod Council is scheduled for Tuesday Sept 27, 2022.  Council does not normally meet in July or August.

The approval of the minutes of the June 28 meeting are pending. For questions about Synod Council, please contact Alex Pierson, diocesan executive officer, by email at or by phone at 613-544-4718.