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More than ever this year, the time is right to help spread some Christmas cheer and the good news of our Christian faith. What better way for Anglicans to do that than with Christmas cards from the Primates World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF). Choose from two different card designs: The Journey to the King and The World Awaits. All donations towards these Christmas cards will support PWRDF and their global ministry of increasing food security, empowering women, humanitarian response, preventive health and supporting refugees and Indigenous programs. Available beginning October 25, cards come in packages of 12 with a suggested donation of $25, either cash or cheque. Order your PWRDF Christmas cards today and support PWRDF and its partners around the world to empower communities to build their own success and well being. Email Rev. Barbara Stewart at in the Diocese of Ontario to order your PWRDF Christmas cards today.