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Diocesan Stewardship & Congregational Development Committee + Anglican Diocese of Ontario Foundation = A Working Partnership

Last autumn members of our diocesan committee met with directors of the Foundation, along with The Ven. John Robertson, who serves as a link between the two groups, given his long association with both. Diocesan staff support members also participated in discussions which have led to a creative working relationship, focusing on how we can assist and support parishes and diocesan groups, and in partnership with the wider community, in initiating creative ministries and programmes and offering grants to those already in existence or being planned. By sharing information and guidelines for encouraging visionary thinking, and because of the challenges and opportunities now facing the whole church through the coronavirus pandemic, leaders of both groups are beginning to use this unique time to encourage long-range planning for thankful recovery—ways and means for sharing and rebuilding our communities of faith, hopefully in partnership with all groups and organizations taking up the same vital responsibility. 

Now is the time to think ahead, with thanksgiving for what we are learning through a time of crisis, and looking forward to the weeks and months ahead with a renewed sense of hope and encouragement, taking bold and fearless steps of generosity of resources, thoughtful planning and early steps of action. For consultation and sharing of ideas, please contact The Rev. Trish Miller (, chair of the diocesan committee and/or The Ven. John Robertson (, development consultant of the Foundation. We can share what we are learning through our provincial and national colleagues, as well as from one another. It’s amazing how ideas and sharing can lead to wonderful steps, anybody?