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The influenza season is upon us and the most recent strain (Novel Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV) is a global health emergency (World Health Organization, January 30, 2020). We would like to encourage all clergy and parishioners to pay attention to their personal health and sanitary habits. If you are feeling unwell, please refrain from attending worship and other church events. Please wash your hands frequently and make use of the hand sanitizer in the church building as you arrive and depart. It remains the policy of the Diocese of Ontario that intinction (dipping the bread in the wine during communion) is NOT an acceptable practice as the risk of spreading viruses is greater from finger tips in the common cup than it is from sipping (when proper use of  purificators and wiping is conducted). Anglican sacramental  theology asserts that receiving just the bread is considered full communion. During the Exchange of the Peace, kindly respect others' choice to bow or nod rather than shake hands. If we are conscientious and intentional, we can protect our children, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems from becoming ill this flu season. If there is a wider pandemic involving the diocese of Ontario, more guidelines will be issued.